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My wife and I would like to give an extra thank you. Your company and employees did an extra great job in all aspects of this job. This fire was a semi tragedy for us , and through the process of repairs made this a good thing.

Robert and Wainani - Pleasant Hill, CA

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The management and employees of Wingard Construction Inc. are committed to providing quality services for our customers. We are committed to a style of operation and the employment of quality strategies, which ensure that the company is recognizable as a superior construction firm specializing in renovations, insurance repair and restoration services. Wingard Construction Inc. is a company that exceeds expectations.

Wingard Construction Inc. is privileged to have talented and highly skilled employees. Integrity is a prized and essential ingredient that forms our company's foundation. Each team member posses strong work ethics honesty and integrity and truly believes in the work they are entrusted to perform. We will always strive to provide excellence for our customers.

Internal quality assurance and process control ensures compliance with company policies and guidelines and means that all team members are committed to achieving the highest standard of service for our customers.

All members of the Wingard Construction team are committed to meeting or exceeding the quality guidelines established by the Company.